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Classroom Lockdown Container Kit

Classroom Lockdown Container Kit
Price: $179.00
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This survival kit is designed for the classroom with all of the necessary emergency supplies to prepare for any disaster. This comprehensive survival kit contains the most effective survival gear for emergency preparedness including the emergency food, water, lighting, radio, first-aid, sanitation, and shelter supplies to prepare for all disasters. This kit also contains a Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Light, Radio, & Cell Phone Charger with a universal adapter - just plug into your cell phone car charger to provide enough battery life to charge your phone using either the hand-crank or solar panel. This is a great way to make sure the ones you love are protected in an emergency. Keeping Emergency Survival Kits at school for students and administrators is an essential part of maintaining a safe school.

Container Includes:

 Food & Water
(4) ER Food Bars - U.S. Coast Guard approved. 5 Year Shelf-life.
(12) Water Boxes w/ Straws - U.S. Coast Guard approved. 5 Year Shelf-life.
(50) Water Purification Tablets - To purify unsanitary water. One tablet purifies one liter of water.

(5) Thermal Blankets - Designed by NASA to retain body heat, Lightweight and compact.
(5) Ponchos with Hood -
One size fits all.
(1) Roll of Duct Tape - Great for various applications. A necessity for any kit.
(1) Plastic Sheeting - Shelter-in-place for protection from contaminants. Easy to follow instructions.
(1) Tent -
Comes with rope and instructions. A quick and effective shelter.

Light & Communication

(1) Solar / Hand-Crank Powered Light, Radio, & Cell Phone Charger
(1) Shake Light - Emergency flashlight - just shake to charge. Never needs batteries.
(3) Lightsticks - 12 hours of bright green light. 4 year shelf life.
(1) Lightsticks - 30 minute high intensity lighsticks. 4 year shelf life .
(5) Emergency Candles - Each candle lasts 5 hours.
(1) Box Waterproof Matches - 50 matches; light even after getting wet! Unique non-toxic formula.

First Aid

(1) 160 Piece First Aid Kit - OSHA approved for up to 20 people. Comprehensive and easy to use.

Search & Rescue
(1) Safety Whistle -  Comes with lanyard.
(5) Dust Masks - Prevents dust and germ inhalation. Reduces risk of inhaling toxins.
(2) Pair Vinyl Gloves - Protects hands from infection.
(1) Pair Work Gloves - Heavy duty with leather palm. 
(1) Pry/Crow Bar 15 inch - A real life-saving search & rescue tool! Great for various applications.
(1) Survival Guide - Complete guide to surviving any disaster. Comprehensive and easy to read.

(12) Sanitation/Toilet Bags -  Use with container as portable toilet.
(1) Package Toilet Chemicals -  Use with container as portable toilet.
(1) Snap-on Toilet Seat - Use with container as portable toilet.
(5) Tissue Packs - Help maintain sanitary conditions. Multi task sheets.

All Packaged in 5 Gallon  Container - Easy to carry, easy to store. 

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