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Emergency Food

These are great for camping, disasters and emergency preparedness. Having plenty of food on hand will give you the peace of mind knowing you have nourishment for you and your family in case of a hurricane, flood, earthquake, blizzard, bird flu pandemic or act of terror.


  Job Loss?

Natural Disaster?

  Food Shortages?


  Man-Made Disaster?





 Wise Foods takes an innovative approach in providing dependable, simple and affordable Ready-Made Food Storage Meals. Most people agree that long-term food storage is important, but for a variety of reasons, don’t feel as prepared as they would like to be. This can lead to frustration and in-action. Wise Company aims at eliminating these frustrations by making your emergency food supply dependable, simple, and affordable.

 The Survival Gear Source is happy to introduce a new product line for long-term food storage. These are manufactured by Wise Company LLC. This is a great option, and we are excited to offer it along side our other products!

Here are some important details about this new product line:

  • 25-year shelf life (when stored as recommended; optimal temperature 50-55° F).
  • Ready-made meals, nitrogen-purged, and sealed in economical 4-serving mylar pouches, shipped inside a tamper-evident sealed bucket (bucket is resealable once opened).
  • Simple to prepare – Just add water.
  • A variety of tasty and delicious entrees your family will love.
  • Compact, durable packaging, little storage space needed, and units are stackable!
  • Dependable, simple, and affordable food storage options that will meet your family's needs for many years to come.
With unique freeze drying and packaging processes (similar to the packaging process for Mountain House #10 cans), this food will last for up 25–30 years (when stored at recommended storage temperatures), eliminating the headache of trying to rotate your food supply. Wise Company's unique packaging also adds incredible value to its products by making it easier to store and eat, further prolonging the shelf life. Instead of using larger containers, which when opened must be used within a short period of time, each 4-serving entree is packaged in its own separate mylar pouch, thus eliminating waste. 

Wise Company takes it a step further by placing the 4-serving pouches into sealed, compact, 4-gallon, square buckets that are very easy to stack and store, and take up less space than other long-term food storage systems. The sealed buckets are also waterproof, light proof, and rodent proof to ensure the food is protected.If you are placed in an emergency situation, these buckets can also be used for a variety of other things such as digging or even disposing of waste.

All of these entree-only meals are healthy, vegetarian-based, and most importantly easy to prepare and serve. These products are all vegetarian, made with TVP (textured vegetable protein).

We are confident that once you try one of these delicious breakfasts or dinner entrees you'll be a believer! Note: This product contains both freeze-dried and dehydrated ingredients—some entrees require up to 25 minutes of cooking time (at simmer), and most require only adding hot water.

We currently offer several options to fit the needs of families of all sizes. Each pouch provides your family with four adult servings of one of the tasty breakfasts or dinner entrees, which could also translate into servings for two adults and four kids or three adults and two kids.

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