FloodSax Home Owner Bags - Case

FloodSax Home Owner Bags - Case
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Flash Floods caused by Hurricanes, Heavy Rains,  Melting Ice, Wind Tides, Over Flowing Creeks and Rivers?

Protect your property!  Be prepared and order your FloodSax today!

Home Owner Bags
- (1) Case = (30) 15” x 18” bags
Homeowner FloodSax bags, are meant for just that; homeowners.  These bags, which are slightly smaller than the Heavy Duty, allow home owners flexibility when building barriers around what they cherish most.  Whether it is to redirect water, fully surround a house, or completely block water flow; these 15” x 18” Homeowners bags are the best response to floods, wherever and whenever they happen. Floodsax are 100% biodegradable so you can leave them out as long as you need to and then dispose of them easily and without mess. This is a superior substitute to sandbags that may help save your property in this upcoming rainy season.

The semi-porous inner liner contains thousands of absorbent crystals which soak up water to 90% capacity in less than 3 minutes. FloodSax act just like sandbags to keep floods at bay only WITHOUT the SAND because they use WATER as their volume and weight.

• Dry weight is 0.4 lb per bag
• Filled weight is 26 lbs per bag
• Water capacity is 3 Gallons per bag

                          Floodsax out of the box
   • FloodSax are endorsed by the National Disabled Fire Association (NDFA)
FloodSax absorb water to 90% capacity in just 3 minutes
Can be expanded in water in a bath, a sink, a bucket, or even the floodwater
FloodSax expand evenly, unlike other similar products on the market
Easy to store and are vacuumed-packed to save even more room
Multiple usage, for burst pipes or accidental floods
Can be used by people who would not be able to lift sandbags
Makes an ideal gift for people in flood-risk areas
FloodSax are clean and self–contained so are ideal for floods indoors as well as out

FloodSax vs Sandbags

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Product Reviews

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Reviewed by ExpressCheckoutUser
09/23/2011 - 12:22:03 AM
They work just...
They work just like they said they would. Would have given 5 stars if they were a little cheaper.
Reviewed by ExpressCheckoutUser
07/15/2011 - 03:52:53 PM
What an awesome...
What an awesome product!! I wish I had known about these last year when our basement flooded. I bought 2 cases one home owner, one heavy duty. Next year I will be ready. The great thing is they store neatly in the basement (unlike sand). I feel relieved knowing that we are prepared, and that there is a solution to the horrible helpless feeling of rising flood waters.
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