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I'm happy to provide this testimonial from my experiences with FloodSax.

My fire department has been using FloodSax for awhile now and each time we get them off our trucks I know they will perform the task at hand.

*Motor Vehicle Accidents -* We deploy them to quickly absorb gallons of fuel and other engine fluids at vehicle wrecks. FloodSax minimize hazmat spills and do not drip fluids back onto the roadway when picked up. Once I even duct taped FloodSax to the side of a compromised tractor trailer fuel tank to stop a leak so it could be pulled by a tow truck!

*Structure Fires - *My department has also used them to control the flow of water runoff during structure fires. One winter incident, FloodSax kept water off the driveway where it could have frozen, causing a slippery hazard for my firefighters.

Thank you! FloodSax are an essential tool to my fire and rescue

Jeff - Fire Instructor in East Tennessee
Jeff, Fire Instructor in East Tennessee
That's great! Every year I try to switch out my emergency kits to update it and replace food and clothes... so thanks for the motivation!
SGS is the perfect site for gifts that will not only please the recipients but will be very useful to them, too - much more than ANOTHER sweater! And the service can't be beat - very personal, friendly, and reliable. Thanks SGS!
Betty, New Jersey
I've purchased many items from this site - 72 hr survival backpacks, first aid kits, MREs, Flood Saxs to name a few - and I have been delighted with the product quality and level of customer service. Thank you so much.
Val M, Arizona
I've bought numerous items from SGS and have always appreciated the great products and enjoyed terrific customer service. Thanks for all your help and support.
Rick from PA

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