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Survival Gear Source - American Flag  The purpose of our store is to provide the means necessary for people to be prepared for an emergency, crisis or disaster, as well as informational articles on helping children cope with disaster, preparing for winter storms and many others.  We offer a full range of quality emergency preparedness and disaster relief supplies to Federal, State and local Governments, businesses and consumers.

At the Survival Gear Source you will find quality survival products at competitive prices. We provide 72 hour survival kits, MREs, emergency food and water rations, water purification products, medical supplies, tools and shelter, fire safety products and school lockdown and emergency supplies. We also provide important information, tips and checklists from leaders in the disaster preparedness and counter terrorism fields.

Founded by law enforcement professionals, the Survival Gear Source is your first choice for emergency supplies and non perishable food.  We strive to provide quality products that are simple to use and easy to store so that you will be ready for the times when you need it the most. When disaster strikes!

Thank you for your trust in our purpose, and in our business.  Please let us know how we can help you.

- The Survival Gear Source Team
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