Looking Back on Florida’s Hurricane History

Hurricane WilmaAs Hurricane season approaches, June 1st to November 30th, we take a look back at Florida’s history of hurricanes. As one of the most hurricane-prone states in the U.S., Florida has experienced it’s share of stormy weather and has become well acquainted with flooded    roads and damaged property, courtesy of Mother Nature’s wrath.

A few of the most noted hurricanes to hit Florida include the deadliest of all, Hurricane Okeechobee, a Category 4 storm, in 1928. Hurricane Okeechobee was not only responsible for an abundance of destruction, but also for at least 2,500 fatalities. Another familiar storm is 1992's Hurricane Andrew, a Category 5 catastrophe hitting Southern Florida and possibly the most costly of all. Hurricane Andrew caused 23 deaths during it’s warpath along with billions of dollars worth of property damage. In addition to the two previously mentioned hurricanes, we’d also like to cite one of Florida’s last memorable hurricanes, Hurricane Wilma back in 2005. Hurricane Wilma pummeled South Florida in October of that year, resulting in city-wide destruction and leaving behind thousands of homeless Americans.  

Although we don’t bear the ability to prevent natural disasters, we have ability and resources to safeguard ourselves. It’s imperative to stay informed and practice disaster prevention. You should ensure that your family has devised a plan should you be the target of a hurricane, that a disaster supply kit is available to you, and that you’ve secured a safe haven should you need to evacuate your home.   

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The hurricanes in Florida have taught us an   important lesson: Expect the Unexpected. Serenity lies in security so prepare yourself today for the uncertainties of tomorrow.


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