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The Survival Gear Source is dedicated to helping business, schools and individuals be prepared for an emergency or disaster.

In today’s world with Hurricanes bring record rain falls and mass devastation, tornado's violently striking our heart land and earthquakes in places never seen before; it is more important than ever before to be proactive in our own emergency preparedness..


Emergency Plan

Develop a family plan, practice it and share it with others. The Survival Gear Source can help with your emergency preparedness plan in the categories of: Flood control and flood clean up, emergency food storage, emergency water storage, water filtration and water purification, survival kits, including 72 hour kits. Also available are first aid kits and first aid supplies for you and your pets, emergency communication, emergency shelter and warmth, MRE (Meals Ready to Eat) emergency food bars, and much more. Everything you would need for emergency preparedness and disaster survival. Our long-term food storage products, consisting of freeze-dried foods, dehydrated food, can help you when you need them the most.


Terrorism Radiation

The best time to prepare your survival gear is before you need it. On this site you can find items to help you survive a terror attack or a nuclear event, such as Potassium Iodide to help block the absorbtion of radiation to the thyroid, and gas masks and respirator masks. We can help you get creative in your emergency preparedness with already completed terror kits and suggested items.  Any of the terrorism survival items are always a great addition to your survival gear supply. Proper preparation is key.


Prepare your home

Secure your home - There are things that you can do to make your home more secure and able to withstand stronger storms.  There are certain items you need to have in your survival kit regardless of where you are, to ride out a hurricane, or other disaster. Survival gear is also useful when you have to evacuate, as well as making you as safe as possible in your home.  Having bascic tools available is also very important for search and rescue, things such as axes, shovels, saws or even a chain saw can be very useful when going through debris.


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Create a disaster supply kit. Choosing the right survival gear can make all the difference in the world. Here at the Survival Gear Source we understand the importance of emergency preparedness and providing 72 hour survival kits that contains all the products an individual or a family would need in a disastrous situation. We follow the guidelines and recommendations of the top survival experts in the industry, such as the U.S. Coast Guard, FEMA and the Red Cross. Disaster can strike in an instant, will you be ready? Your safety and the safety of your family depend on it.


If you are asked to evacuate because of a flood, you should do so. But unless you live in a coastal or low-lying area that floods often it is unlikely that emergency managers will ask you to evacuate. That means that it is important for you and your family to have a flood plan and flood related survival gear that makes you as safe as possible in your home. FolldSax are an excellent product to keep on hand, they are light weight, easily transportable and can absorb over 900 lbs. of water.




Do you have a tornado shelter? With the widespread increase of tornados, many people are creating or installing tornado shelters at their homes. These shelters can be below ground away from your home, below your home or basement, or they can be a seperate area in your basement that has been sectioned off and reinforced. Where ever you are able to have your shelter, it is important that it be stocked with plenty of survival gear.  Plenty of food and water is crucial, because if your area is hit, whatever you have stored in your shelter may be all that remains above.  For this reason the Survival Gear Source offers a large selection of gourmet freeze dried foods in convenient cook in the pouch meal kits, which are excellent for shelter storage, or to store in a 72 hour kit or home emergency kit.

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