The Full Story of FloodSax

Introducing Flood Protection with Sandless Sandbags

Revolutionary one-pound biodegradable sandless sandbag can be stored easily and deployed by virtually anyone to form an effective barrier to floodwaters

FloodSax Americas, LLC introduced the revolutionary FloodSax self-activating sandless sandbag flood defense system for homeowners, business owners and governmental agencies in the United States. FloodSax uses a proprietary biodegradable polymer that absorbs water to form a sandless sandbag. Delivered as a flat one-pound sack, they absorb up to 45 pounds of fresh water in five minutes, forming a dense gel that blocks and redirects water, while forming to each other or adjacent structures for a tighter fit than traditional sandbags. Because they are stored dry, they are cleaner, lighter, more effective and easier to use in the places and times when sandbags are most needed.

Floods are the number one most common natural disaster in the United States, causing over 700 million dollars in damage in 2010 and most homeowners’ insurance does not cover flood damage, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). FEMA encourages home and business owner to prepare for floods in part by safeguarding your possessions and property.

“FloodSax are lightweight, compact, clean, and superior-engineered alternative to the mess and limitations of sandbagging,” said Adam Eckstein Sales Manager of FloodSax Americas. “Once activated, FloodSax can be placed to mitigate and redirect floodwater. FloodSax are biodegradable, but keep water at bay for three months, and have a guaranteed shelf life of five years when sealed in original vacuum pack.”

Compared with traditional sandbags, FloodSax feature several advantages:

FloodSax sandless sandbags are the perfect alternative to traditional sandbags. Save money on storage, and save time and effort to place and protect your assets with FloodSax biodegradable polymer bags.

Prepare: FloodSax saves up to 90% of the storage space required by sand. Vacuum sealed for 5-year readiness.

Deploy: Floodsax flat 1lb. sacks can be deployed by virtually anybody, anywhere, easily. A 20 lb. case replaces over 900 lbs. of sand.

Protect: FloodSax expand tightly against structures to block water, and protects for up to 3 months. Biodegradable bag simplifies cleanup.

  • Sandbag storage: FloodSax eliminate the need for storing and delivery of bags and loose sand. FloodSax can be stored cleanly in a garage or warehouse using only 20% of the space of traditional sandbags.
  • Sandbag weight: FloodSax weigh only one pound when dry, allowing virtually anyone to store, handle and place the bags as needed.
  • Sandbag placement: FloodSax expand and form to each other, doorways, walls or other objects forming a tighter seal than traditional sandbags.

Available in Europe and Australia since 2007, Environmental Defence Systems Limited recently licensed to FloodSax Americas as the exclusive distributor for North and South America. FloodSax Americas is currently searching for distributors throughout the United States, Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean and Latin America.

FloodSax Americas, Inc. is the exclusive distributor of the FloodSax Flood Defense System in North and South America and the Caribbean.  FloodSax is the sandless sandbag that is revolutionizing the way homeowners, businesses and governmental agencies prevent and reduce damage from floodwaters. At only one pound, FloodSax avoid the storage, transport and placement problems of traditional sandbags, keep water at bay for 3 months, and are 100% biodegradable.

About Environmental Defence Systems Limited
Environmental Defence Systems Limited (EDS Ltd.), a leading developer and manufacturer of flood defense systems is based in the United Kingdom. Its award-winning products have protected homes, businesses and strategic assets throughout the world. EDS Ltd won the National Gold Winner 2007 for Products in the Green Apple Environment Awards for its FloodSax sandless sandbag, placing it among the best examples of environmental best practice and sustainable development as demonstrated by Local Authorities, Commercial & Industry and Communities – both in the UK and around the world.

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