Sanitation / Hygiene

Sanitation / Hygiene

Be Prepared with Emergency Sanitation Supplies

 Implement good hygienic practices to prepare for and prevent human illnesses from occurring and circulating. The preparation involved in maintaining healthful conditions may be minimal, but the results are immense.

Pocket Tissue Packets
Product ID : HPT
Price: $0.50
Hygiene Kit
Product ID : HSK
Price: $1.99
Toilet Chemicals - Individual
Product ID : STCI
Price: $2.95
Restop 2 Disposable Waste Bags
Product ID : SRS2
Price: $4.50
Sale Price: $3.90
Toilet Bags - 12 pack
Product ID : STB
Price: $4.95
Deluxe Hygiene Kit
Product ID : HDK
Price: $4.99
Toilet Wipes - 100 per package
Product ID : STW
Price: $5.25
Toilet Chemicals - Bio Blue - 12 pack
Product ID : STC12
Price: $7.95
Toilet Seat / Lid
Product ID : STSL
Price: $12.95
Bucket Style Toilet
Product ID : SBST
Price: $19.95
Portable Folding Toilet - Include 6 Bags
Product ID : SPFT
Price: $19.95
Family Hygiene Kit
Product ID : SFHK
Price: $69.75

Sanitation involves the prevention of human contact with certain hazards that may cause infections, promote disease transmission, and can help spread contagious bacteria/viruses. During and/or after a disaster, it is not uncommon for a sewage system to malfunction. This failure may cause you to be exposed to human waste matter. Therefore, it is of great importance that your emergency plan of action include valuable sanitation resources such as a portable toilet and a hygiene kit.

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