Emergency Shelter / Warmth

Shelter / Warmth

Imagine that an icy snow storm has hit your town and has caused a power outage. You are now without heat and risk being exposed to the bitter cold...so now what do you do?  Or, you and your family are driving in the car in a terrible storm and the car breaks down.

Gear up today with the materials needed to survive an emergency or disaster. Wind-proof and water-proof sleeping bags, easy to use tents, warm fleece blankets, water proof ponchos and other survival resources will give you reassurance that you are as prepared as you possibly can be to withstand whatever Mother Nature throws at you.


Many of us don’t think about natural disasters in our area until a warning has been issued within the community. However, sometimes that warning comes a bit too late and we find ourselves unprepared and frantic for proper protection. Fortunately you have taken a step towards your safety by visiting this website.

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