Emergency Kits are an important part of your Emergency preparedness plan. The Survival Gear Source provides a large selection of Emergency Kits for just about every situation. You will find Classroom Kits for emergencies at school, Office Survival Kits, in case disaster strikes while your at work, as well as kits for your car and home.

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Shelter In Place

Sometimes disasters make it unsafe for people to leave their locations. Winter storms, floods, and landslides may temporarily isolate individual family members and make it necessary for each household to take care of its own needs until the disaster abates. Your household should be prepared to be self-sufficient for three days when utilities and access to outside supplies of food and water are disrupted. All of our Emergency Survival Kits will provide this.

1. Stay in your shelter until local authorities say it’s okay to leave. The length of your stay can range from a few hours to two weeks.
2. Unless you are alone maintain a 24-hour communications and safety watch. Take turns listening for radio broadcasts and monitor your tone-alert NOAA Weather Radio. Watch for fires.
3. Assemble an emergency toilet, if necessary. Use a , pail or bucket with a snug-fitting cover.  Line container with plastic bag or toilet liner. Or purchase a complete bucket style toilet here, complete with chemicals.

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