Emergency Water Storage

Water Storage

One of the most important considerations in the aftermath of a disaster is water. Clean, safe drinking water may not be readily available due to plumbing issues or contamination in your water source. Water is something we often take for granted until it is not there. Many diseases and illnesses are caused by contaminants in the drinking water. It is recommended that you store AT LEAST one gallon of emergency water per person,(2-3 would be much better) per day for drinking, cooking and sanitation purposes. Store-bought bottled water does not have a long shelf life, it must be rotated frequently and cannot withstand extreme temperatures like Aquablox water. Each Aquablox water comes with it’s own straw. You can also choose a 55, 30 or 15-gallon water barrel to store your water. Keep in mind when considering a location for your water storage that water weighs about 8.5 pounds / gallon.

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